Everything Is In The Box

Themed Children's Play Boxes You Can Simply Open and Play

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Every Box Contains A Learning Journey

What's In A Kidzplay Play Box?

Kidzplay Play Box is a activity box for pre-schoolers (with adult help) to age 8, fun activities to make and do together. Each item is thoughtfully selected or designed to encourage non screen time, improve fine motor skills, communication, concentration and mark making. Each box contains everything you need to complete all the activities so there is less waste and more play time.


All In The Box

Each Box Contains Everything You Need To Complete All The Activities. No More Rummaging Around The Cupboards Or Trawling The Internet For Ideas. You Are Ready To Play Instantly


Learn Through Play

Our Whole Team of Educationalists lend a hand in the creative process, brainstorming themes and ideas to keep children engaged and learning all the time.

Harry's Seal of Approval

Kids Seal Of Approval

All the Activities have been tried and tested with Kids Everywhere so we can guarantee your child will love all the activities in every box

Our Ethos


All our boxes are lovely packed by the adults who attend paperworks, a charity in Yorkshire that supports adults with disabilities gain work


Everything in the box is as eco friendly as we can make it.


All the components in our boxes are sourced from and made in the UK